Laparoscopic Chol Forcep

Laparoscopic Cholangiogram Forcep

“Lap Chole”

A high-quality, Australian-designed Laparoscopic Disposable Cholangiogram Forcep enabling smooth catheter insertion

Features and benefits

  • Used for intra-operative cholangiography to introduce, correctly position and secure a catheter for intra-operative imaging of the gall bladder or bile duct
  • A contrast medium is injected by use of a cholangiography catheter through the
    channel of the forcep
  • 5mm shaft x 33cm length
  • Catheter sizes up to 6fr
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Tactile feedback for accurate closure around the cystic duct
  • Fully disposable
  • One-piece cannulated shaft for easy catheter insertion
Order code: CCF0001
Box Qty: 6 units
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