MiniMizer Gastric Ring

For stable, long-term weight loss in banded bypass and banded sleeve surgery.

Features and benefits

  • Helps protect against pouch dilatation
  • For gastric-bypass procedures, the Ring helps protect the anastomosis & jejunum against dilatation
  • Can assist in minimising dumping syndrome
  • Assists in the stabilisation of long-term weight loss
  • Radiopaque: needle and ring are visible under X-ray
  • Simple placement and closure
  • Two loops for fixation after placement
  • The ring is calibrated to fit the patient
  • The ring can be adjusted as required


  • LSG – 4cm below oesophageal junction
  • Bypass – 2cm above the anastomosis.

Closing positions – from largest to the smallest ring size

  • Size 1 approx. 8.0cm length, 26mm internal diameter
  • Size 2 approx. 7.5cm length, 24mm internal diameter
  • Size 3 approx. 7.0cm length, 22mm internal diameter
  • Size 4 approx. 6.5cm length, 20mm internal diameter
Order code: MMRING
Rebate code: RS001
Box quantity: 3
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