Calibration Tube

Enables accurate gastric calibration during Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass Operations.

Features and benefits

  • Radiopaque soft tip infused with barium sulphate for ease of viewing under x-ray
  • Visible cm marking for the anaesthetist
  • Fingertip connection included for suction control
  • Adjustable clip to close the Calibration Tube after methylene blue insertion

Available in multiple, colour-coded sizes

Size: 32FR
Order code: TUBE32W
Box Qty: 12 units
Size: 34FR
Order code: TUBE34R
Box Qty: 12 units
Size: 36FR
Order code: TUBE36B
Box Qty: 12 units
Size: 368R
Order code: TUBE38G
Box Qty: 12 units
Size: 40FR
Order code: TUBE40Y
Box Qty: 12 units
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